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Grocery Basket


One of the early businesses we started has a track from our grandfather's business where he used to wrap products on brown paper with a touch of his own brand name. Later when we faced a demand in the market our many da to day products we needed to fill the gap immediately as there was a lack of good quality products which doesn't have any threat to the human health. We have introduced Rice and soon will be launching more products for your kitchen shelves to replenish your health with the taste of your moms food. We have also stepped foot on the healthcare consumer products during the Covid season due to the demand and later turned into our own very brand.


Ruwad is an internationally registered consumer food product introduced on 2019. First product introduced was rice which are cultivated from the lands of Punjab, India; one of the finest quality rice in the market.  We look forward in launching beverages, Spices and many more to the end consumers providing high quality food products with no preservatives or artificial ingredients to make it fresh. We promise our consumers they can consume our products on daily basis as you would eat your moms food from your dining table.

Care brothers was launched during pandemic to meet the demand of masks and sanitizers in the market. Care provides the best products to every consumers at an very affordable rate. Masks are bult without human interference and sanitizer are tested and treated with ingredients to keep your hands and surfaces free from heavy usage of alcohol which can treat your skin to form rashes. We guarantee you 100% safety in using our products.

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