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Charging an Electric Car


We led our foot on this market in 2000 making it the first petrol station in the region and very few in the state to provide speed diesel in the country. We have led the development of the sector into further areas by providing our services. Energy industry are one of the few industries which has high potential in capturing market shares and which would last a lifetime as energy is needed to fuel your needs in this modern era. We would be soon stepping our foot on the EV category as it has created a demand in the market and we hope we would be able to cater the best of the service worldwide

We provide fuel on day to day basis for vehicles from our dealership fuel pump of bharath petroleum which covers a vast area of service and was started in the 2000s and we hope to open more fuel station across globe in the near future

We plays an important role in making up your food on the table by providing CNG gas cylinders through one of our dealerships of Indane Gas which is owned by Inidan oil.

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