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We provide services to different markets through our rental properties and the public spaces built under our establishment. We provide services to more than 100+ doors of units worldwide. It all started with Mr. Essukunju late father of Mr.Ansari when he started giving a portion of his shop to a tea stall and was able to generate income to cover his monthly electricity and rent for the shop he worked on. By following his footsteps Mr.Ansari Built rental units across Kerala and Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. He firmly believes on the words of his father "It's not just another source of income rather it's an opportunity or an experience we offer to others to replenish"

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Our stays are spread across the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum providing stays for families, Govt. Officials, students and many other. We have built villas on the most enthralling areas of Trivandrum providing the best escape from the city to the woods. 

Our Luxury division of stays with world class amenities. Escape to The Adhara and discover a world of serenity and joy, where cherished moments await your family.

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